Hey! Readers, are you looking for Top Politicians on INSTAGRAM? Then you came to the right page. But before you go to this hot discussion, how do you classify, which one is more popular on social media or on Instagram? The answer to your queries is The followers that how much their account contains and likes as well. If you want to know how to increase the followers on Instagram, click on the highlighted link given in this section. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, taking quick snapshots or 15 seconds of video and fisher filtering of different colors and colors and sharing them with your friends is not just for hipsters. More and more politicians are joining Instagram to reach voters in more personalized ways through photos and videos. Apart from the short video capabilities of Facebook on its acquisition and platform, Instagram is a great tool, helping politicians reach the growing mobile audience. Instagram's new 15-second video feature is ideal for mobile videos and easily integrates with other social networks to share it. Instagram may not have access to its better social media rivals, but it is increasingly growing - some are not slow to recognize the leaders and their advisors of the world. 

There is an official presence in the present times of 136 countries, state and government and foreign ministers, which represent 70 percent of all United Nations (UN) member countries. Instagram is a platform dedicated to highly visual communication. Users can traditionally upload a single picture in a class format and can apply many different filters and add unlimited text. The platform is mainly associated with more artistic shots, which allows followers to comment on posts and make comments. Contrary to other platforms, the image and not the text tells the story, the Facebook-owned Instagram, claims 400 million monthly active users worldwide and its visual nature creates a perfect channel for leaders to discuss their components. In the last four years, governments and world leaders have bowed down on the social network of sharing mobile photos and videos to share their official photos with viewers around the world. Government, Instagram is particularly high in Europe, Latin America, and Asian countries, especially in Gulf Corp Council (GCC) countries. In this study organized by Global PR firm Burson-Marsteller, 305 accounts have been analyzed, with about 23 million followers.

The Top 5 Politicians On Instagram

In early 2014, who is the popular politician on Instagram? Through the analysis of Instagram followers and personalized photo favorites, Arc 3 has compiled a list of Top Ten Politicians on Instagram:

  1. President Barack Obama: @ BarackObama 2.73 Lakh followers The top ten most popular photos on the Instagram are shared by the President's account. These photos are from "Thanksgiving" photo at Knight, whose President loves Happy Birthday with 86 kg of choice. On the president joining the Instagram, the social media platform declared that "We look forward to seeing how President Obama uses Instagram to give people a phenomenal sense of what happens to the United Nations in the daily life." presidential team has done more.
  2. Mitt Romney: @ Mitromany 71k Followers The former Governor of Massachusetts and Republican nominee for President, the second largest after a politician on Instagram. During the presidential election 2012, the photos of the campaign are largely closed with their last post on November 6, 2012. The most popular photo choice in his account was voted on the day of the election, which was 17 k from received.
  3. George W. Bush: @ Followers of Georgetube 64 k Followers The 43rd President has applied for painting and his artistic talent to his Instagram account. After touching the photo of the family and the new pardon, he is also involved in the beautiful landscape of his native Texas. The love of the game of owners of East Texas Rangers is also on full show with photographs of professional football and baseball games.
  4. Followers of Senator Corey Booker: @ Tokyokar 33 k Followers Former Mayor of Newark and the U.S. New members of the Senate are also the most skilled in answering this request and personally, using social media for citizen engagement. In Senator Booker's Insta Feeds, there is a variety of materials including small content and uploading press clips.
  5. Congressman Kevin McCarthy: @ RackkenEmkarthy 11 k Followers Most of the house's whip, McCarthy was recognized by Buzz Feed as the best Republican Congressman on Instagram. McCarthy's Instant Feed is full of DC photographs, which are pictures of his family's dog and his family's "Throwback Thursday". McCarthy's video liked more than 2k to play Frisbee with the family dog.


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